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With the release of patch 3.3 we can now begin the final assault on Arthas and the Icecrown Citadel. Players will march forth sounding the cry of battle as they go up against the final foes of Wrath of Lich King. As each day passes and each boss falls (and each gate opens), Arthas is one step closer to becoming history.

But Icecrown Citadel and the Frozen Throne isn't the only thing patch 3.3 brings. We've seen perhaps the most significant revamp to instance running ever with the introduction of cross-server instances in the new Dungeon Finder system. In addition, there have been numerous changes elsewhere in game that players are raving over.

The sheer amount of content is hard for anyone to keep up with, and we've been steadily updating the Guide to Patch 3.3 with everything we've written about the patch (over 250 articles now).

As you venture out into this new patch, head back to the guide for everything you need to know. Just watch out for Frostmourne, you don't want it to steal your soul.

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