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Motorola Droid over-the-air update to 2.0.1 now available with less over-the-air

Chris Ziegler

Seriously, don't let Verizon's tyrannical "we want to make sure the update goes smoothly" attitude get in the way of enjoying your Android 2.0.1 just the way you like it: fresh, piping hot, and served on the bleeding, jagged edge. Just because you haven't been carefully groomed and hand-picked to receive the Droid's latest (and first) firmware update over the air doesn't mean that you've got to twiddle your thumbs; thankfully, the binary has leaked onto the 'nets, which means you just need to copy it to your microSD card (Motorola graciously included a 16GB one with your phone, if you recall correctly) and follow a few simple instructions. Godspeed, Droid owner -- never let The Man hold you down. Not now, not ever.

[Thanks, Mark J.]

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