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Motorola Motus AT&T rumor gains momentum

Chris Ziegler

We can't confirm the details here, but we've received some pretty in-depth information about the Motorola Motus' possible launch on AT&T that would seem to largely corroborate what we've been hearing so far:

  • Sure enough, the keyboard flips backwards so that it's facing out when the phone is "closed." When it's open, the underside of the keyboard has a trackpad that allows you to scroll the screen while typing with your thumbs (it's unclear how well this'll actually work in practice). There's also a third hinge position that keeps the phone upright -- perfect for use as a video display or alarm clock.
  • There's a 5 megapixel cam and LED flash mounted on the keyboard (notice that white spot in the lower left?) designed to be used as a webcam, but we don't know whether this'll function as a traditional 3G video call (we'd doubt it) or over some other service.
  • It runs Blur. If you like Blur, congrats; if you hate it, our condolences.
  • The keys are backlit and said to be "domed" -- that's not really conveyed in this spy shot we've seen, but it's hard to say for sure.
  • It's said to be about three-quarters of an inch thick, "enough to be bulky in your pocket."
  • Our tipster says he thinks he was told it runs Snapdragon, which would run counter to our current intel that has it running the CLIQ's 528MHz MSM7201A. At any rate, he says it "seemed very responsive," which is a good sign.
Now here's the bummer: apparently our guy was told that it wouldn't be ready until April or May of 2010, which would truly suck if AT&T really intends this to be in its first batch of Android devices. He couldn't get a market name out of his contact, but we're guessing "Motus" isn't going to stick. At least, we hope it isn't.

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