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Motorola prepping 3G module with support for AT&T and T-Mobile USA alike

Chris Ziegler

T-Mobile's oddball 3G network makes creating a device that simply supports all forms of North American HSPA a challenge for a very simple reason: even triband HSPA radios are still a bit of a novelty, and to support everything we've got going on over here, you effectively need to go quadband since AWS splits its duties between 1700 and 2100MHz. Happily, Motorola is coming to bat here, not with an actual phone but with an 850 / 1900 / AWS radio module that's intended for integration by other OEMs. We're not sure what kinds of devices this particular unit might find duty in, but if nothing else, it gives us confidence that Moto's now able to create phones that effectively straddle the T-Mobile / AT&T fence -- assuming it's got a business case to do so.

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