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Peek teams up with FON to liberate Europe... from roaming charges


Although the bright and cheerful Peek (and its somewhat ill-advised Twitter-centric brother) has long been a source of fascination for us, we realize that for most Americans a dedicated email device doesn't make too much sense. Now, in the same way that Hendrix had to go to London to find critical acceptance, it looks like FON CEO Martin Varsavsky thinks the device might be a winner overseas -- nothing less than a heroic "pan-European email machine that avoids [data] roaming charges." According to the man's blog, the PeekFon will cost €99 (roughly $145), including six months unlimited service, courtesy of a new MVNO called Spotnik. After that, you'll need to pay as you go to the tune of €12.90 (roughly $19) a month. Sick of those insane roaming charges? Curious? European? Varsavsky shares his feelings on the subject after the break.

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