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Report: 40 million homes will have 3D televisions by 2014


In a recent study conducted by Insight Media titled the "Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Report," researchers concluded that the install base of 3D-ready televisions will rise to "over 40 million" by 2014. MCV reports that the $5,000 study's results are based on the statistical outperformance of 3D film over 2D equivalents, as well as "extensive testing of the first generation of 3D games."

"We spoke directly with gamers, game developers, and game publishers ... to build a complete picture of the future of gaming," lead analyst Dale Maunu said of the testing. In fairness, when we last saw 3D technology in games, it kind of blew our minds, so we'd like to trust Mr. Maunu -- that being said, we're still paying off these HDTVs. Give us some time, The Future! Come on!

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