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Three different Aliens vs. Predator bundles dated in Europe


Sega, Rebellion, some Aliens, Predators, and even Space Marines are all teaming up in February to get your money. Sega announced that Aliens vs. Predator will be released in Europe on February 19 of next year.

The game will arrive in three versions, each for three different levels of enthusiasm about the FPS. The Standard Edition is for the average gamer looking for a new game. The Survivor Edition comes in the requisite steel case and includes codes for extra multiplayer maps, to be released after the launch date. The Hunter Edition is for the collector who may not even be opening the game, as it includes a facehugger model, a lenticular postcard, and a "Weyland-Yutani sleeve badge."

How do we sign up for the bundle Lance Henriksen's getting -- the one with your own likeness in the game? That one's probably really expensive.

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