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I review iPoo so you don't have to


The App Store has been accused of making some crap apps. Here's one: iPoo. In fact, iPoo isn't a terrible app. It features a dashboard of interesting factoids, like "how many gallons are being flushed right now." It also has a virtual bathroom stall interior, for you to indelibly make your clever witticisms while on the can. Plus, you can share the details of each poo in a Twitter-style list, complete with pictures. Thankfully those pics are artist renderings, not camera photos. There is no camera capability here -- just an oddball shot at fame with you and your poop.

iPoo [iTunes Link] is $.99, but what price can you put on a social network for feces, really?

Gallery: iPoo | 13 Photos

Disclosure: I was given an app code for this, but I'm no longer using it. I wouldn't have paid $.99 for this, but I'm not that preoccupied with my leavings.

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