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Keepin' it real fake, part CCXLVI: MP3/AVI/MP4 Player has 'stylish designer style' courtesy of Apple

Tim Stevens

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It doesn't get much better than this, folks. If KIRF is an art form this right here is your Mona Lisa, your Starry Night, your... painting with that dude screaming on a wharf. You know the one. Anyway, this is about the best iPod Nano knockoff we've ever seen, cloning that flat, proprietary connector and sporting a UI that would make the most ardent of Apple fanboys look twice. It has a camera on the back like the 5G, but trumps the Nano with support for a predictably wide suite of file formats and a price of just $33.25. A bargain, so long as you don't mind the measly 2GB of storage and the nagging sense of guilt that comes with buying a fake -- even if it is a spectacularly good one.

[Thanks, Larry]

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