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Sunsoft acquires Telenet game catalog (think: Valis, Cosmic Fantasy)


As part of its relaunch, Japanese publisher Sunsoft announced that it has purchased the rights to the entire 100-plus game library of Nihon Telenet. Even if you're not familiar with the name, you probably remember the games (most of which were published by Renovation) and their (at the time) exotic-looking anime-style covers. Telenet was the creator of the Valis series, along with action titles like El Viento, shmups like Sol-Deace and Gaiares, and the Cosmic Fantasy RPG series.

Sunsoft will begin releasing classics from the library on the Wii Virtual Console and other services -- and then it will start producing remakes and new installments. This could finally be our chance for that non-pornographic Valis sequel we've been waiting for!

Gaijinworks – the new company started by Working Designs' Victor Ireland – has been working with Sunsoft on the company's relaunch and is named as instrumental in this deal. Working Designs' history with Telenet goes back to 1992, when the company agreed to publish Telenet's Cosmic Fantasy 2.

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