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Fallen Earth drops preview patch notes for new tradeskill, gambling and more

Shawn Schuster

Even though most Fallen Earth fans knew these features were coming, it's still great to see them in writing. In a patch note preview post in the forums yesterday, the Fallen Earth team announced that their much-anticipated Construction tradeskill and gambling taverns will be entering the game this Monday, December 14th.

Construction will bring the ability for players to build camps in the wasteland, complete with their own vaults, merchant NPCs, mailboxes and more. The new gambling system will introduce slot machines, Blackjack tables and more to taverns throughout the Grand Canyon Province. In addition to these major features, the First Night preparations will be added, including special quests and rewards for the winter event celebrations. Pages of bug fixes also accompany this patch, so head on over to the forums to check out the preview of this Monday's patch notes and check out some extensive developer diaries and video on the update over at IGN for more information.

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