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iPhone is first smartphone to visit alien mothership, gets reception


Good news folks. When the aliens arrive our iPhones will work on their ships, at least according to the new V television series [iTunes link].

The iPhone has been seen twice on the show so far, both times being toted by the human traitor Tyler Evans, the second time when Tyler flies on up to the mothership floating over NYC. Admittedly, he is using the iPhone to take pictures of the alien lizard hottie Lisa, so his treason might be forgivable under the circumstances.

But come on Ty, you've got video recording on that 3GS. Next time she does this, how about a little filming?

I love Apple product placement, particularly because Apple has a long history of not paying for it. Abram Sauer has a nice list of recent product placements. Have you seen Apple products in any other recent films or television shows? Tell us in the comments!

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