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MTV teases 'Green Day Rock Band' [update 2]


Update 2: Yeah, it's real. Check out this clip from the VGAs to see the eyeliner-wearing band's big announcement.

Update: We also spotted some of the trailer during the "Rehearsal Sneak Peek" video over at Spike, which Geoff Keighley followed up with "You gotta tune into the VGAs to see the announcement of the next Rock Band game." Sure sounds like a full Rock Band game to us!

While perusing the internet today, we happened upon a particularly interesting video of Green Day performing "American Idiot" on -- though rather than the usual real-life version of Green Day, Rock Band avatars of the group took the position, followed closely by the logo you see above. Is it a full standalone Rock Band game with Green Day? Is it a really robust downloadable content pack? We'd bet our bottom dollar that we'll find out in a few hours when the Spike VGAs start. As per usual, we've fired off an email to MTV Games and Harmonix to find out what's up in the meantime. Check out the full video after the break.

[Via Jared Rea's Twitter]

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