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OCRemix celebrates 10th anniversary


We hope you've been to OCRemix in the 10 years since its opening. If you haven't, you've missed out on over 1,800 fan arrangements of various video game soundtracks, from ActRaiser to Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Thankfully, the site offers two BitTorrent downloads that let you grab nearly every single remix from the its decade of operation.

Site creator David W. Lloyd, better known as "djpretzel" to the OCRemix community, started the site as a "fun diversion" from (what else?) his parents' basement. "I've always loved VGM, especially for its strong original melodies, and this site seemed like a good way to express that. While I didn't have any idea it would become what it is today, I did have a certain faith -- faith that there were others like me, faith that the Internet was full of a lot of talented people who would contribute their music and their time and their energy freely, and faith that we could show the world that video game music is an art form."

With over 25,000 registered members, it seems Lloyd has succeeded in uniting a community of game music lovers. Congrats to OCRemix and its various contributors (and let's hope Lloyd has left his parents' basement by now).

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