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Reminder: Tune in for Joystiq's VGA liveblog tonight at 8 EST

We've been hurt so many times in the past, but we're holding out hope for this year's Spike Video Game Awards. It sounds like it will be absolutely rife with scoops, including footage from Halo Reach, the reveal of a new Star Wars game and a metric ton of new trailers. As is our custom, we'll put our hearts out on the line in order to liveblog the show for you, dear readers -- an exercise that will likely result in unrelenting anguish after the first ex-Mad TV cast member starts making the obligatory drug-or-fart-related jokes.

Join us at 8PM for the festivities. Unfortunately, Justin won't be fulfilling his usual role as MC, but we'll have more than enough Joystiqers on hand to make up for his absent humor. Also, we'll be doing shots anytime someone utters the words "World Exclusive." We expect things to get really weird, really fast.

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