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Build customized LEGO packs with LEGO Digital Designer

Sang Tang

Have you completed your holiday shopping yet? Neither have I. Well, if your friends or loved ones have a particular affinity for LEGO's construction toys, consider using LEGO Digital Designer to order a customized building block set for them. Via LEGO's DESIGNbyME, Mindstorms, and Creator-based themes, users can choose a starter model as the foundation of their design, or use the free build option to design something from scratch (for the more imaginative ones out there). Using a DESIGNbyME template, I customized (pictured above) a Penske Racing-looking LEGO IndyCar. As an IndyCar needs a driver, I figured I'd throw in one that looks like the Joker from The Dark Knight (in the scene when he was dressed as a nurse). This building block set came out to about USD $22.

LEGO Digital Designer is available as a free download [download link] at LEGO's website.

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