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Deadliest Warrior video game announced during VGAs

Oh, you've never heard of the television show known as Deadliest Warrior? We'll break it down for you: Each episode pits two different types of warriors from different time periods against each other to see who would win in various forms of combat. For instance, one episode might show the results of a Ninjas vs. Spartans throwdown. One might show how a conflict between Marines and Medieval Knights would resolve itself. Robots vs. Wizards? A bit less likely, but still within the realm of possibilities.

The VGAs brought great news involving this series -- Pipeworks Software is making a downloadable video game based on it. The announcement was accompanied by a lava-hot trailer showing a battle between a ninja and a heavily armored knight, which we've posted after the jump.

What? Who wins? The ninja does. Of course.

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