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Ithaca College hosts panels and posters on MMO topics in Second Life


If you're a game theory/design nut, or you just really love talking about MMOs in an academic sense, or even listening to others talk about MMOs in an academic sense, then we've got the opportunity for you!

This week is finals week for many universities around the country and Kim Chihuly's (real life's Kim Gregson) Games & Society class at Ithaca College is taking the opportunity to present their final posters and presentations inside of Second Life for the public. The presentations will cover a wide swath of topics from gold farming, to MMOs versus single player experiences, to Second Life versus Casual MMOs and much more.

Each event will give the public the chance to ask the students questions and discuss their individual topics in an open forum. The the poster pavilion can be found here at this SLurl while the panel amphitheatre can be found at this link.

Looking for the full schedule of events? We have it right after the break, or you can keep an eye on the Second Life Events page, under the heading of "discussion."

Panel Presentations (held at the outdoor amphitheatre, all times in SLT/PST)

Tuesday 5 - 6 AM - David, Dan, Brian, Jamison -- Facebook Games

Tuesday 9 - 10 AM - MIke, Mary, Zach -- TBA

Wednesday 10 -11 AM - Chris, Nat, Sam -- Second Life's Newbie Experience

Thursday 9:30 - 10:30 AM - John, Gannon, Tom -- TBA

Thursday 4:30 - 5:30 PM - Ashley, Alyssa, Will -- System Flaw for the DSi

Poster Sessions (held by the boat docks on the big green carpeted area)

Tuesday 6:30 - 7:30 AM - Jymmy, Gabe, Ethan

Tuesday 8 - 9 AM - Luke, Adam, Zach, Sean

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