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Report: Recoil slows 'Earth No More' development for smaller projects

Justin McElroy

Thank heavens for Google Translate! Not only did it allow us to track our family genealogy and find our Cousin Balki -- who we then brought to America for a series of screwball adventures -- but it also taught us that Earth No More, a 3D Realms-published game being developed by the ex-Remedy staff at Recoil Games, has been put on hold. As near as we can tell from the translation of this eDome report, the studio is currently focusing on smaller, more manageable projects.

Balki says we should try to force them to release the game by ... well, it's a whole plan he's got, but it involves dancing with a goat and a poultice recipe his sister Yanna sent over from Mypos. Honestly, we should let him tell you. It's better with the accent.

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