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A.C. Ryan's Playon!HD Mini player is tiny, still pushes 1080p worth of pixels

Tim Stevens

Looking for an... alternative after being given a 1080p-streaming brick by Western Digital earlier this month? A.C. Ryan has a new option, the Playon!HD Mini. It's a smaller version of the bigger Playon!HD that seems to lose only its internal drive bay, card reader, and €50, meaning this one retails for €99 -- about $144. Yes, a good bit more than the WD TV, but it hits all the right marks, including 1080p output over HDMI or component, support for streaming media or USB mass storage, and even the ability to tune into Shoutcast and other undisclosed "internet feeds." The company also promises "very active new firmware releases" which, without a little restraint, could be a recipe to repeat WD's disaster.

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