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Amazon offers Assassin's Creed 2 for $40, other PS3 titles get Gold Boxed

We know that we've approached that proximity to Christmas where you feel bad buying things for yourself, but Amazon's got a pretty enticing offer running today. For just $39.78, the online retailer will let your grab a copy of Assassin's Creed 2 for the 360 or PS3. Yeah, it's probably money you should be spending on presents for your stupid family -- but once they see Ezio's first double-blade assassination, we're sure they'll understand.

But wait, there's more! Today's Gold Box offers are all for games on the PS3 platform. You can find a full list of the clues for each of these time-released sales after the jump. The next clue, which goes live at 12 EST, references "an electrifying adventure in Empire City," so we're guessing that a discount for Hannah Montana: The Movie: The Game is right around the corner. What? Her concerts are freaking electrifying.

12 PM EST - Prepare for an electrifying adventure in Empire City in this action/adventure hit.
2 PM EST - Get ready to rumble in this wrestling blockbuster.
4 PM EST - Fight as you favorite Jedi or clone troopers.
6 PM EST - Become the ultimate Autobot or Decepticon.
8 PM EST - Solve a deadly JigSAW puzzle.
10 PM EST - The best of the PS3 fightsticks.

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