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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta racks up 45m kills

Justin McElroy

"You'll never make anything of your life just sitting around playing video games!"

You've heard this tired speech from your mom and dad so many times you could recite it from memory, but you can't help but smile whenever they repeat it. Because deep down in your heart, you know that as one of the 300,000-plus people playing the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta, you've helped rack up 1.01 million headshots, destroyed 380,000 houses and been responsible for more than 45 million kills. That, friends, is something real.

So next time your parents hassle you about some benign chore, just hold your head up high and say, "Sorry I didn't lock the wheels on the baby's walker, Mom and Dad. I was a little busy making a difference."

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