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Konami cuts iPhone game prices for Tomena Sanner release

Justin McElroy

Much like the Joystiq staff when the DJ plays our jam, prices on Konami iPhone games have once more gotten low, this time to mark the release of utterly bizarre platformer Tomena Sanner. All Konami's games are value priced at 99 cents until January 4, 2010, when all the games will return to their usual prices. That included Tomena Sanner, which will run you $1.99. Konami spokesman Robert Santini warned us that future price drops aren't necessarily a sure thing: "This will not be something that will happen every time a new mobile title is announced," he said. "Konami just wanted to do it during the holiday season."

The list of bargain games (with iTunes links) includes: Dance Dance Revolution S+, Dance Dance Revolution S, Frogger, Metal Gear Solid Touch, Silent Hill: The Escape, Krazy Kart Racing, Power Pros Touch, Silent Scope, and Field Prowlers Police Rush!
Which, if any, will you be picking up?

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