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Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 delayed until January 2010

Vlad Savov

Sony Ericsson giveth, and Sony Ericsson taketh away. Just as the Xperia Pureness -- that wildly mainstream device with absolutely universal appeal (and concierge service) -- makes its way to commercial availability, we're hearing that the Xperia X2 will not be finding store shelves for at least another month. Made official way back in September, the Windows Mobile 6.5 QWERTY slider had already used up most of its Q4 release window, and this latest setback will do its chances of success little good. In the time since its announcement, SE itself has shown off the X10, HTC has leaked an entire roadmap all over itself, the Google phone has emerged from secrecy and, of course, the Droid has come out to a deafening roar of approval. Sony Ericsson explains that it is still optimizing the software and battery life, but all that could be irrelevant to a January 2010 world looking forward to Maemo this and Android that.

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