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Super Street Fighter IV screens: Cody stuck in handcuffs


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Cody isn't the brightest of the Street Fighter bunch, is it? The Final Fight star made his first appearance in the series in Street Fighter Alpha 3, having just escaped from prison. Apparently, he hasn't figured out how to remove his manacles (nor has he changed out of his incriminating garb) in the several years between the events of Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter II, nor in the time between Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter IV, which is where these new screens originate.

Sure, the other characters are all wearing the same outfits from years ago (except for Chun Li), but those can all be reasonably believed to be choices. Maybe Dan wears other stuff when he's off the job, and changes into his pink gi. But it's extremely hard to believe that Cody would voluntarily don his prison uniform and shackles again, which suggests that he can't remove them. This is also the guy who picks up a rock and throws it as one of his special moves.

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