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You may download PC/360 Devil May Cry 4 on December 22


Has the pernicious dealing with retail requirement kept you from the ongoing, stylish adventures of Nero and Dante (not that Dante)? Capcom has good news for those of us with no tolerance for relics like stores and boxes: starting December 22, the PC version of Devil May Cry 4 will be available for download on "the digital distribution partner of your choice," including, of course, Capcom's own shop, where pre-orders are being accepted for $29.99. The 360 version will hit Games on Demand, along with Lost Planet Colonies Edition, the same day.

Capcom notes that the PC version of the action game features some enhancements not found in the console versions: altered enemy placements, a "Turbo Mode," an extra-difficult "Legendary Dark Knight Mode," among several visual tweaks. And now, it's enhanced with buying it from home mode!

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