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Ask Engadget HD: Does Dolby, RealD or someone else offer the best 3D movie theater experience?


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In case you hadn't heard, there's a pretty high profile 3D movie coming to theatres near you this weekend, and assuming one actually has multiple multiplexes to choose from, who has the best technology? RealD and Dolby have been fighting it out to ramp up 3D theater installs over the last couple of years with other competitors also mixed in, but our friend Kevin wants to know if there is a noticeable difference from location to location:

A question I have every time a new 3D movie comes out: We have two theaters here that offer 3D movies. One lists them as "Digital 3D"; the other as "RealD 3D". What are the technical differences, and do they end up producing noticeably different final results? Or am I getting the same experience at both theaters? Thanks for your help!

We know a few of you must have grabbed a pair of glasses and checked out flicks form the Toy Story series to Coraline and My Bloody Valentine, do you have preference on where to go to see 3D?

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