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Final Fantasy XIV beta applications now open

Eliot Lefebvre

There's something to shout about if you're looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV -- the game is now accepting applicants for its beta testing. We've heard that the game is slated for release some time next year, but this is one of the obvious indicators that it's closer than we might have thought. So if you're as excited about the prospect of getting to play the game as some of us, you probably clicked that link before you read any further.

Anyone still reading, of course, should be apprised of some minor conditionals first. The test is only open to those 18 years of age or older capable of submitting reports in fluent Japanese, English, French, or German. (Luckily it's not in all four at once.) You'll also need to be connected to the Internet and capable of downloading large amounts of data, but that's de riguer for MMOs, so it merits less of a mention. There will be multiple rounds of testing, with each one adding further testers, and the official page states that testers will be evaluated based on their application rather than order in which they applied. That doesn't mean that Final Fantasy XIV fans shouldn't hurry on over -- but you've probably already done that back in the first paragraph.

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