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Microwaved 360 is just $31,002

Justin McElroy

It's a scenario we've all dreamed of at Joystiq: 1. Find an extra video game console lying around. 2. ????? 3. Profit. We just never imagined that second step might be "microwave it and glue creepy eyes on it." Artist Kenny Irwin (who you may remember for his microwaved Game Boy Advance) has done just that with an unsuspecting 360 and Wii, the results of which are currently available on eBay for $31,002 and $5,988, respectively.

If you pick up either of the systems, 50 (360) or 25 (Wii) percent of your purchase will go to the Council on American-Islamic Relations of California. We're not sure we understand the connection, but no one's paying us thirty grand to nuke electronics, so what do we know?

[Via Hot Blooded Gaming]

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