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Second Life's Nascera now nascent

Tateru Nino

Nascera, which we know sounds uncomfortably like nasal and viscera jammed together in some rather bizarre agglomeration, is the name for the new continent which is hosting Linden Lab's experimental house and land incentives for premium Second Life users. The beta buildout is done and you can go see the results for yourself.

Mind you, if you already have rented or owned land in Second Life, the Nascera offering really isn't for you. You, like us, really aren't the target demographic. Nor is anyone we showed it to, which is probably why they all made those nasty faces when we did.

There are several distinct areas. The first is the "California Modern" area:

The second is fantasy themed:

The third is a whole A-frame modern log-cabin dealie:

The last one is the Japanese themed area somewhat reminiscent of the Azuchi-Momoyama period, and actually seems to have gotten the best reaction of the bunch from our completely unscientific focus group:

The houses in each area are all distinctly separated, out of local chat range, and to stop objects... you know... creeping up on you (as they so often seem to do) the parcel boundaries allow not even a centimetre of margin beyond the building walls. The parcels are an exact fit to the shape and size of the houses, so no gardening for you.

You can go check these out for yourself. We're interested in your own thoughts. Whether or not it appeals to you, do you think it might still be a success as a premium account incentive?

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