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Sony hints at PSN-for-pay once again


We're not sure what Sony is getting at, but it certainly seems to be planning on charging somebody for something at some point in the future. Kaz Hirai mentioned a new premium level subscription plan for PlayStation Network last month, though we were told that the current level of PSN service was to remain free. Now SCE's Masayuki Chatani has chimed in, saying that Sony would face difficulties if it just leans on the "sell-and-forget model." Unfortunately, we're still not sure what the sell-and-remember alternative might be. Masayuki adds: "We can also accept payment in a growing number of ways. In addition to single-payment packaged software there are also schemes like monthly fees or per-item charges." The thing is, if we're not going to pay for basic PSN online play, what will we be paying for? We've clearly entered the era of being nickeled-and-dimed by DLC, and Microsoft has been making a tidy sum off our Gold subscriptions for some time now, much to Sony's ridicule, but if it takes charging us some amount of cash a month to make match-making in Uncharted 2 a bit more bearable, maybe we'll hold our tongues when Sony has to go against everything PSN has stood for to do it.

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