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Wii Remote turned into water sensor


The Wiimote has been used for plenty of non-gaming needs, including tidying up the house and controlling robots. Even the US military got in on the action, using the Wiimote to defuse bombs in Iraq. And let's not forget the groundbreaking work done by Johnny Chung Lee -- a man who just happens to have inspired the creation of the setup you see above.

See, a team of scientists in Luxemburg (via Wired) figured out that using the sensor-filled gutty-works of the Wiimote would -- through some tinkering -- be a good way to measure water evaporation. See, this type of measurement usually requires sensors that can cost up to $500 a piece, making the $40 Wiimote quite the attractive alternative. This has applications outside of just measuring water evaporation, the team said -- including measuring the speed at which a structure collapses.

[Via Gizmodo]

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