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Best Buy offers Guild Wars Trilogy for $14.99 -- why you need to buy it

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

In case you haven't heard, Best Buy is offering the Guild Wars Trilogy at a serious discount this week. $14.99 for Guild Wars: Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall. Since the game is free-to-play, a one-time price of $15 for all three games is a powerful incentive to check out the game as a new player. But what if you're a longtime player who loves a bargain? Are you staring at the offer, thinking "Oh man, $14.99. I really don't NEED another account, but..." Never fear, for we are here to help justify your purchase with our "ten things to do with an extra Guild Wars account."

1. PvP against yourself.
2. Hide all your stuff until the hacking issue is sorted out.
3. Pick up more presents from Nicholas the Traveler.
4. More Xunlai tournament points...wait, never mind.
5. Lots of extra storage at a fraction of the price.
6. Got friends in two different guilds and torn on which one to stick with? Put an account in both!
7. Lend yourself three more heroes if you're feeling particularly antisocial.
8. Run your alts places.
9. Use up all of those great character names that you thought up but didn't have the character slots for.
10. Do Tihark Orchard and Chahbek Village on even MORE characters.

We're sure you can think up even more reasons to make the purchase -- if it helps, they even offer a "Great Financing Offer" if you need to spread your payments over 18 months. So pick up a little Christmas gift for yourself. Enjoy!

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