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Bonfire Studios hires former Halo Wars lead David Pottinger


Bonfire Studios, the development house that emerged in the wake of the Ensemble Studios closure, has picked up another ex-colleague: Dave Pottinger, lead designer of Halo Wars. He rejoins his peers as the director of technology, assuming the same responsibilities he held before Ensemble was shut down. Bonfire Studios is currently working on several unannounced projects for 2010.

Pottinger has been with the company since its formative days back in 1996, and contributed to the development of Ensemble's key real-time strategy titles, from Age of Empires all the way up to the former studio's last game, Halo Wars.

"Bonfire is a team full of old friends that I am looking forward to working with again," Pottinger said. "I think we're going to blow people away once they see what we're doing."

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