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XBL Indie shooter Leave Home requires that you don't


We suppose you could cart your Xbox, a TV and a generator outdoors, but it's most likely that you'll play Leave Home whilst at home. Regardless of where you play it, you really should. Leave Home is a side-scrolling shooter on Xbox Live Indie Games with sharp visuals and slick music. Developed by hermitgames, Leave Home features dynamic difficulty and challenges players to rack up the highest score during a fixed amount of time. It also allows players to split their field of fire by pulling the right trigger. The further you pull the trigger, the larger the split,

Check out the trailer above and some screens in the gallery below. If it strikes your fancy, snag the demo and give it a try. The full version is 240 ($3).

Shortcut: Add the trial version of Leave Home to your 360 download queue [Via]

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