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Guild Wars adds costumes just in time for Wintersday

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Last night's fairly sizable patch in Guild Wars was a bit of a surprise to players who weren't expecting any Wintersday updates until today, and a quick round of "What was that?" throughout the game led to the discovery of a big surprise from ArenaNet: costumes! In what is hopefully the first of many, special Grenth and Dwayna Wintersday costumes are now available in the NCsoft store.

Each version can be purchased for $6.99 US in the store, but NCsoft has an introductory deal until January 17th -- both sets for $9.99. The costumes are account-wide, headpieces are included, they can be dyed, and you'll get both male and female versions so none of your characters are left out. The costumes are purely cosmetic and can be worn over your existing armor without a change in stats, so feel free to charge into battle dressed as Grenth to put a little extra fear into your opponents.

A brand new feature like this one is bound to bring an avalanche of questions from players, so we suggest you start with the costume FAQ before heading over to the NCsoft store.

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