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Soldier wins Team Fortress 2 war, update goes live in time for free-to-play weekend

Well, Demomen, you put up a good fight, but the rocket-armed Soldiers proved too strong a combatant to topple. Team Fortress 2's helmet-wearing class won the "War" update challenge, netting an additional item (boots which reduce rocket-jumping damage) to go with the update's other additions. You can check up on all the new items, maps, achievements and totally out-of-place crafting mechanics on the update's hub page.

Or, you can simply log on to the game right now, and get the update yourself. If you don't possess the game, Valve will let you download and play it for free this weekend. If you really enjoy it, you can pick up Team Fortress 2 at half-price for just $9.99.

[Via Big Download]

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