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US Wii Internet Channel buyers can now download free NES game [update]


Update: Turns out the message was sent as a reminder. So, here's another reminder. You'd best pick that title up before the offer expires. If you need help deciding, we've got you covered.

Back in September, Nintendo began offering the Wii Internet Channel free of charge. To make nice with those who had already paid 500 points for the channel, Nintendo promised a free NES Virtual Console download. Today, we noticed the familiar blue glow emanating from the Wii, signifying something new. Imagine our surprise when we discovered a message from Nintendo saying the free NES download offer was now active.

So, if you're a US gamer and you purchased the Internet Channel before it was made free, you're now entitled to a free 500 point NES download. For the record, we chose Kirby's Adventure.

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