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Atlantica Online dev diary: Visiting Santa's Villa

Shawn Schuster

It's time for this newest installment of NDoors Interactive's bi-weekly developer journal for Atlantica Online here at Massively. We've covered so much already, but now we're treated to some detailed info on their winter holiday event. Here's what they had to say:

This Christmas season we are proud to bring back Santa's Villa to our players. During this holiday season, players who are over level 20 and have been playing for at least an hour will receive Mistletoe. This item, when exchanged for a Santa Villa Ticket, will give players access to all the treasures that lay inside.

Players will have the opportunity to engage in quests given by the holiday Acong. While players are engaged within the Santa's Villa, they will be able to collect items and turn them in for some great prizes.

Players will be able to collect the letters in order to craft out the word 'ATLANTICA' which they can turn in for amazing rewards like some of great high class mercenaries. Players will be able to turn in these items and be able to add in an Elementalist, Pirate, or Spartan to their arsenal of mercenaries.

Players will also be able to collect materials in order to craft the Christmas Tree. Turning in these Christmas Trees will reward players with the opportunity to get licenses, Santa's Hat or Rudolph Antlers. For players who have Beast Trainers, they can receive a special Acong summon to aid in their fight.

We hope everyone enjoys their holiday season, and takes the opportunity to visit Santa's Villa to get as many of the gifts that are available to obtain.

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