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City of Heroes offers some Hero-Con highlights

Eliot Lefebvre

If you were one of the many City of Heroes fans who wasn't quite able to make it to Hero-Con, we offer our condolences. Even though you know that the information revealed there gets disseminated as fast as possible, there's still a sense of missing out on something big. And even though that event was a couple months ago, the sting probably hasn't quite worn off yet. But fret not, as Paragon Studios has given you loyal but not-necessarily-traveling fans a little present. There are now several podcasts available on the official site with recordings from the celebrated event.

The available podcasts include the opening ceremonies along with the Going Rogue preview, discussions of power and archetype balancing, and the panel regarding the ongoing storyline of the game among others. Audio quality isn't perfect, but for a recording of a live event there's little to complain about. If you'd prefer to listen on the site, there's a built-in player, or if you'd rather have them on your iPod (or other mobile player) they can be downloaded on the same page in MP3 format. It's not quite the same as being there, but it certainly beats missing the experience entirely if you're a longtime fan of City of Heroes.

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