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Serious Sam 3 seriously planned for 2010 release

It's been a while since we last heard about Croteam's upcoming, decidedly non-cartoony shooter, Serious Sam 3 -- fortunately, a recent Destructoid interview with the developer's awesomely-named CEO, Roman Ribaric, has broken the cycle of silence. According to Ribaric, development on Sam's next outing is still on track. "Serious Sam 3 is happening for sure," Ribaric said, later adding, "it is currently planned to be finished in 2010."

We would never wish an ill fate upon anyone with a name as powerful as Roman Ribaric, so we'd like to offer this friendly advice -- finish that stuff in the latter part of the year. We're not kidding. Firmly grasp the first three months of your 2010 calendar, pull down as hard as you possibly can, and then don't release your game during any of the months you're holding. You're welcome in advance.

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