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3D capable Blu-ray players coming as soon as Q2 2010?


In one of the few analyst predictions that may actually make sense, Futuresource has peered into its crystal ball and decided that with a spec finally in place, we could see 3D Blu-ray players on shelves as soon as the second quarter of next year. Of course, according to specs the BDA revealed to HD Guru, that hardware will need to be able to feed 3D to displays at 1080p resolution in either 48fps (24 fps, for both the left and right eye) or 120Hz. Seeing that Broadcom has already announced its chipset that is expected to be fully compatible with the specification, and recalling the usual product cycles for new player introductions its not hard to see a scenario where Samsung, Sony and Panasonic are delivering their new top of the line players with that sweet new Blu-ray 3D logo as soon as the weather gets warm.

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