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GoG holiday sale includes Freespace, MDK and much, much more

Save is having its biggest sale ever. Many of the good old games still hold up, even as we stand on the precipice of a new decade. The site's entire catalog (excluding December releases) of 171 games is discounted 25 to 40 percent -- and don't forget, you can still pick up two Tex Murphy games for free. The sale ends January 3, but don't dawdle. Once your brain is filled with the fat globules of your holiday bird of choice, it may be hard to remember the special is going on.

Highlights of the sale are ... well, almost everything. But, let's say that both MDKs for $8 and Freespace 2 for $4 is a good deal. Seriously, Freespace is less than a jar of Nutella. At that price, it's almost worth playing Freespace while sucking microwaved Nutella through a straw. Bliss.

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