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Nokia N900 and the case of the best unboxing ever

Ross Miller

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We'll just come out and say it: this is so awesome. In fact, if you want to just take our word for it, skip the copy and head straight to the video after the break -- you really only need to watch the first four or so minutes... Still here? Alright then. The shiny cube comes straight from Espoo and houses a N900, but the only way to get into the box is to plug it into a computer, establish a link, and then type in the right terminal command to unlock the lid (spoiler: it's company motto "connecting people" -- how clever) in addition to -- poof -- smoke! (Our favorite part.) Given the technical prerequisites, our guess is this has something to do with Nokia's the hack-centric "Push" program, but really that's just a guess. Like we said, video after the break, and if you opt to watch past the first couple minutes, you'll get to see a plastic fox. Trust us.
[Thanks, Matija]

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