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Jobs chosen as best performing CEO


Congrats to Steve Jobs, who's got another award to put on all the mantles he must have to hold all of the awards he's picked up: he's been chosen as the best performing CEO in the world by the Harvard Business Review. They cite AAPL's "whopping 3,188% industry-adjusted return (34% compounded annually)" as well as an increased market value of $150 billion under Jobs' oversight. Oh, and they also mention his kickass index of 5,000% when adjusted for the globonational economy, as well as his black turtleneck market factor of 3.1 year-over-year.

Ok, so we made those last two stats up. But yes, as if you needed to be told, Jobs is an amazing CEO, and it's in large part because of him and his work that Apple is the company it is today. The Business Review says that they didn't want to just choose most-admired or highest-paid CEOs (Jobs wouldn't technically make that list, though he's not worrying about money, we're sure), but rather individuals who've really driven a company forward over their entire tenure in the position. And even with that criteria in place, they agree that "it may come as no shock that Steve Jobs of Apple tops the list." You're ruining the curve for the rest of them, Steve! Great job.

[ via AppleInsider ]

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