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Leonard Nimoy lending deep, soothing voice to Star Trek Online

Last week, we received word that Zachary Quinto, who provided the fresh face for Spock in this past summer's Star Trek relaunch, would do the voice of Star Trek Online's "Emergency Medical Hologram tutorial." Today, we received further Spock-based news for the title: According to an Atari press release, Leonard Nimoy will narrate the game's introduction, and can also be heard during cut scenes and other events throughout the game. For instance, he'll offer a brief congratulation when your first Seaman egg hatches.

Of course, this announcement has caused fans of the series anticipate the in-game appearance of "old Spock" -- just as Quinto's involvement brought murmurs of a "new Spock" cameo. The somewhat creepier fans began prophesying hot, hot Spock on Spock action. We generally try not to associate with this latter group, for obvious reasons.

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