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Shinobii toolkit disassembles your warranty ... and console


Shinobii Technologies has released the "Console Toolkit," which will kill your console's warranty faster than a failed liquid cooling mod, for a mere £20 ($32). The 19-piece toolkit comes with all one needs to take apart various generations of consoles, so that the humble consumer can "replace a defective drive, burnt out laser lens, scratched or cracked screen or any other defective part."

It's fairly safe to guess that most of us have about as much ability to diagnose and repair what's wrong with our defective console as we do in finding Oklahoma on a map (it's above Texas, totally true). With that said, unless you're well versed, it's probably easier and safer to just purchase a new console. For those who do decide to purchase this and go it alone, please remember to unplug the console first ... just sayin'.

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