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WoW Moviewatch: Ninja Raiders


Occasionally, you come across a WoW music video parody so perfect in its conception, so ideal in its creation, and so pure in its execution, that after seeing it for the first time, you can only think, "Why did it take this long for it to happen?" In my opinion, Ninja Raiders is one such video.

I first learned of the song Single Ladies via one of my recent obsessions, Glee. So I will admit that some of my undying devotion to Kurt probably warmed me to the song. But I had not yet connected Single Ladies to WoW. So, when I watched Ninja Raiders, it seems like the most perfect, beautiful example of a WoW parody song ever. The creators did a fantastic job, and their interpretation of the tune has been stuck in my head ever since.

The creators did a great job of using the video to augment the song, without taking away from the audience's focus on lyrics. The imagery is spot on, and who doesn't love the references to Hunter Weapons?

Every word is true, my friends. If you liked it, then you should have rolled Need on it.

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