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Jeff Minter yaks about iPhone development, shows off shooter


After having a bad go of it on Xbox Live, ever-eccentric indie dev Jeff Minter has moved on to a smaller, greener pasture: the iPhone. Minter has been working on a multi-game engine for the device for some time, and has told Touch Arcade what makes it an appealing platform to him. "I enjoy working on the iPhone because it's capable and interesting and the ergonomics make you rethink things a bit," he remarked, adding that he wants to make "stuff that's playable with the accelerometers and uses touches appropriately but sparingly and in a way that doesn't upset the view too much."

To that end, Minter's first, yet-untitled iPhone / iPod touch game is a multi-directional shooter that is played simply by tilting the device. As you can see in the video embedded after the jump, its visual style is a hard break from Minter's usual psychedelia, but we're sure he'll have the game shattering pixels and filling the screen with flying sheep in no time.

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