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Aion's December community address looks to the future

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

NCsoft had a big year on the Aion front: the months leading up to launch are just as crazy as the months immediately following launch, so the community team is more than ready for a little vacation.

Not without one final community address, however. The Aion community team is leaving us until January fourth, taking a well-earned rest while we enjoy the Solorius festival. Good things are promised when they return in 2010, and this final address for the year gave us a hint of things to come.

The first item on the 2010 agenda is the addition of "paid account services" -- a cash shop for vanity items. The list includes character and Legion name changes, plastic surgery, and gender changes. Further details are pretty limited at this point, but more information is promised in February, along with a pricing plan.

The other item on the table is new content. The community address promised to "introduce a great deal of new content into Aion in 2010," but any more details are going to have to wait until the new year. Our assumption (and hope) is that the promise is related to Aion's Visions of the Future.

The full community address can be read here.

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